Identity Cloud

Create seamless and secure customer experiences.

Effortless UX. Secure data. For high-volume consumer brands.

Deliver a seamless, personalized experience

Reduce friction every time your customers register, authenticate, or sign in.

Build trust and empower through consent

Make it easy for customers to control their accounts from the start, from any device.

Drive compliance by protecting data

Secure data with strong encryption, authentication, and scoped access control.

Managing 1.5B customer identities for the biggest brands

Unsurpassed scalability

Easily manage millions of identities worldwide with complex use cases and usage spikes.

Integrations & analytics

Get real-time customer activity data by integrating with data analytics and multiple systems.

Strong data protection

Secure accounts with encryption, scoped access control, various authentication methods, and more.

Compliant data storage

Store customer data and manage consent, abiding by GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and other regulations.

Pain-free customer login

A single login leads to registration, authentication, and SSO across your entire ecosystem.

Strategic data capture

Capitalize on opportune moments to collect data about your customers — and drive conversion.

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