Bot Manager

Stop the most dangerous, evasive bots before they erode customer trust.

Safeguard your most fragile asset: customer trust

Defend against dangerous, costly bot attacks

Let the good bots in. Keep the bad bots out. Right where they first make contact.

Outsmart the most sophisticated and elusive bots

Our researchers analyze 130 TB of new attack data daily to protect you from evolving bots.

Say goodbye to dealing with bot attack fallout

No more drains on IT spend or staff time to remedy credential abuse and account takeovers.

Outmaneuver the bots: Stop them before they get near you

Advanced bot detection

Detect unknown bots using AI models for user behavior analysis, browser fingerprinting, and more.

Reporting and analysis

Get real-time big-picture trends, industry insights, and detailed analysis of your bot traffic.

Unmatched visibility

Gain intelligence from the cleanest data based on 11.5B bot requests and 280M bot logins daily.

Bot directory: 1,500+

Automatically manage known bots. Get continuous updates to our directory of 1,500+ bots.

Stealthy defenses

Go beyond block-and-allow actions that tip off bots. Trick them with fake content. Slow them down.

Mobile app protection

Protect your entire attack surface using the same advanced bot detections for your mobile apps.

Tài liệu

Forrester names Akamai a bot management Leader

Forrester Wave™ calls Akamai’s vision — which recognizes the evolution of bot operations — a standout.

Credential Stuffing Report

Learn how to prevent account takeover, stop automated threats, and more. We’ll show you how we analyze your data.

Protect Your Online Business from Credential Stuffing

Take a deep dive into credential stuffing: the financial impact, a real-life case study, and the best defense.

Top 10 Considerations for Bot Management

Learn how to evaluate bot management solutions. See how critical differences could impact your business.

Akamai is winning the bot war.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the misery bot armies can bring about for retailers — and how Akamai’s Turing test of a solution changes the game.

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