Account Protector

Keep fraudsters out — and trust intact — with account takeover protection.

Trust is everything. Protect your customers from fraud.

Avoid the torturous aftermath of account takeover

Protect your reputation and budget. No more financial drains remedying stolen accounts.

Fight account takeover, captcha farms, and more

Thwart human-driven fraud typically coordinated with bot attacks.

Uncover the unknown with unrivaled web visibility

Avoid the tedious work of managing alerts without lowering your security threshold.

Find out who’s really logging in: account owners or frauds

Understand user behaviors

Know what’s normal and what’s not for every user. Detect the subtle anomalies of imposters.

Real-time risk scores

How high is the risk that a user isn’t the legitimate account owner? Get analysis on every user.

Reputation insights

Automatically flag requests from entities with a history of bad behavior.

Tài liệu

Break the Account Takeover Kill Chain

What happens when a criminal tries to steal your customer accounts? Here’s a visual breakdown. See how to defend at each stage.

Criminal Innovation

Learn about the economics of credential stuffing and how criminals are changing the threat landscape for account takeover.

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