Product Briefs


Akamai Hunt: Product Brief

Hunt the Most Evasive Threats. A security service to detect and remediate threats and risks. Capitalize on the infrastructure of Akamai Guardicore Segmentation and Akamai’s global […]

NetStorage: Product Brief

Learn how NetStorage meets the demands of online content delivery with features that simplify and optimize cloud-based online storage.

Cloud Wrapper: Product Brief

Cloud Wrapper optimizes connectivity between cloud infrastructures and the Akamai Intelligent Edge to maximize origin offload and reduce cloud egress costs.

Kona Site Defender: Product Brief

Kona Site Defender: Product Brief Build trust and reduce risk with the industry-leading web application and API security solution that is tailored to your business.

Managed Security Service: Product Brief

Managed Security Service: Product Brief Learn how Akamai Managed Security Service provides access to security experts and proven online defenses to help your business achieve a […]

Prolexic: Product Brief

Prolexic: Product Brief Discover how Prolexic provides comprehensive protection against the broadest range of DDoS attack types.

DataStream: Product Brief

Read how Akamai DataStream provides customers with greater visibility into our platform through accurate and consistent log data at scale.

Edge DNS: Product Brief

Akamai Edge DNS is a global, highly scalable domain name system (DNS) service offering security, resilience from DDoS events, and high DNS responsiveness.

EdgeKV: Product Brief

EdgeKV is Akamai’s distributed key-value store that enables JavaScript developers to build data-driven EdgeWorkers applications.

EdgeWorkers: Product Brief

Discover how EdgeWorkers offers tools for development teams to create new microservices through our network of hundreds of thousands of distributed servers.
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