Edge DNS

Rely on highly secure DNS for nonstop availability of web apps and APIs.

Prevent DNS outages with the largest edge platform

Count on nonstop DNS availability, guaranteed

Depend on 100% uptime SLA and resilient architecture for mission-critical DNS.

Manage DNS expenditures more easily

Avoid unexpected charges from high DNS usage with predictable, zone-based billing.

Achieve peace of mind with secondary DNS

Fortify DNS availability through the use of internet-facing secondary zones.

Specifically engineered for security and availability

Global IP Anycast

Enable the use of a logical nameserver, on multiple physical servers deployed worldwide.

Manage DNS as code

Allow developers to automate Edge DNS through APIs and existing management tools.

Secure implementation

Protect DNS from attackers exploiting vulnerabilities exposed in BIND software.

Trust-based model

Prevent IP address spoofing attacks by only serving content to a list of trusted nameservers.


Prevent attacks caused by DNS forgery with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

Availability first

Leverage a unique architecture that segments DNS resources across non-overlapping clouds.

Tài liệu

Designing DNS for Availability and Resilience Against DDoS Attacks

How does Akamai ensure 100% availability? Take a deep dive into our multilayered approach: architecture, scale, and more.

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