Image & Video Manager

Automatically optimize and enhance visual media for every user, on any device.

Optimize your images and videos on the fly

Make your pages lighter and faster

Reduce bytes for images, videos, and animated GIFs — without degrading visual quality.

Cut cost and effort of manual enhancements

Automatically enhance images and videos for responsive and adaptive web design.

Simplify asset management; speed time to market

Reduce the churn of managing and storing multiple image and video versions.

Optimized for every visitor. Simplified for developers.

Page weight reduction

Automatically balance quality and performance by optimizing formats and compression levels.

Automated modifications

Transform images with color changes, cropping, and watermarks without touching the original.

Perceptual quality

Smart algorithm precisely compresses images for max byte reduction imperceptible to the human eye.

Media viewer

Developers can easily implement and customize a viewer, with media automatically optimized.

Responsive media

Enable browsing across all channels and devices with media adapted for responsive designs.

Transformations via code

Get creative using code. Chain transformations together on the fly with query string parameters.

Tài liệu

Image Weight Impact Report

Register for a complimentary image weight impact report on how your web images may be impacting your customer experience.

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