API Acceleration

Optimize API performance and availability while enhancing user experiences.

Accelerate API performance at scale

Boost API performance at the edge

Deliver highly reliable digital experiences with intelligent routing & fast API responses.

Scale instantly for spikes in demand

Effortlessly scale your endpoints using preferred capacity on the Akamai edge platform.

Enhance API security and manage access

Protect your API endpoints. Move authentication from the origin to the Akamai edge platform.

Purpose-built for smart, reliable delivery of your APIs

Optimized routes

Offload API requests from origin infrastructures, balancing and routing for fast responses.

API protection

Secure APIs by encrypting responses and moving authentication away from origin infrastructure.

Advanced API caching

Optimize infrastructure costs with intelligent caching logic for REST and GraphQL.

Support for edge compute

Give development teams serverless capabilities like authentication and API orchestration.

100% availability SLA

Achieve maximum API availability through the most pervasive highly distributed CDN.

Visibility and reporting

Gain insight into key API performance indicators, dimensions, and trends.

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