Page Integrity Manager

Defend your site from client-side threats. Spot and block malicious activity.

Root out the insidious, client-side threats you can’t see

Reveal malicious code & vulnerability blind spots

Get real-time visibility into threats and vulnerabilities within all your scripts.

Catch attacks in real time with a proven solution

Fill in the missing piece of your comprehensive security strategy. Mitigate with one click.

Deploy fully automated protection in minutes

Start analyzing scripts, detecting, and mitigating — without application changes.

Threat intelligence powers precise, accurate mitigation

Behavior detection

Monitor scripts in real time: the source, execution behavior, outgoing network destinations & more.

Prioritized real-time alerts

Get security event alerts — each with risk scores and insights on how to mitigate those scripts.

Vulnerability-focused policy

Continuously analyze first- and third-party URLs for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

Policy management

Create policies for zero-day and recurring threats without exposing sensitive data. PCI compliant.

Flexible deployment

Deploy at the edge or from origin. Protect every website, even those not on the Akamai platform.

Intuitive reporting

Configure user-friendly dashboards to see script data at a glance plus detailed incident reports.

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