Managed Security Service

Security management, monitoring, and mitigation. One fully managed service.

On your side: world-class experts, best-in-class technology

Rely on dedicated experts, available 24/7/365

Our frontline security responders have mitigated many of the world’s biggest attacks.

Align your strategy with one comprehensive service

Improve your security strategy with the right people, processes & best-in-class technology.

Gain insights from the best threat researchers

Mitigate the risk of downtime & data theft with threat intelligence & predictive insights.

One service, powerful results: Stronger. Smarter. Safer.

Rapid incident response

Get help immediately or within 30 minutes — depending on the severity of the security event.

Operational readiness

Future-proof processes with drills to improve communication, escalation paths, and agility.

Advisory services

Work with a dedicated security expert who understands your goals and makes custom recommendations.

Rich reporting

Discover new insights through monthly reports, quarterly business reviews, postmortems, and more.

Nonstop optimization

Security health checks, in-depth analyses, and configuration fine-tuning — all done for you.

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