Healthcare and Life Sciences

Secure continuity of care, enhance compliance, and protect patient data.

Keep portals, proprietary data, and patients safe

Provide continuity and secure access, anywhere

Reduce risk and complexity while delivering a trusted and consistent experience.

Protect your network and guard against malware

Keep patient and PI data safe, away from phishing, ransomware, and malicious actors.

Enhance regulatory compliance, avoid fines

Strengthen regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA.

Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Kona Site Defender

Automate web application & API protection (WAAP) with unmatched intelligence.

Akamai MFA

Prevent employee account takeovers and data breaches with phish-proof MFA.


Deliver fast, engaging, and reliable user experiences on your sites and apps.

Enterprise Application Access

Give your workforce fast, secure access with Zero Trust Network Access.

Edge DNS

Improve security with a Web Application Firewall.

Image & Video Manager

Automatically optimize and enhance visual media for every user, on any device.

Secure Internet Access

Safely connect users & devices to the internet with a secure web gateway.

Page Integrity Manager

Defend your site from client-side threats. Spot and block malicious activity.

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