Deliver world-class gaming experiences on the world’s largest edge platform.

Protect the player experience at every turn

Develop fast experiences beyond core gameplay

Build better player experiences by accelerating and protecting key microservices.

Protect platforms, games, and players 24/7/365

Mitigate attacks with the world’s highest-capacity DDoS protection.

Test, deliver, and launch at global scale

Deploy games, patches, and updates reliably and securely through the world’s largest edge platform.

Explore our solutions for Gaming

Bot Manager

Stop the most dangerous, evasive bots before they erode customer trust.


Create functions at the edge on the largest distributed serverless network.


Stop DDoS attacks with the fastest, most effective defense — at scale.

Download Delivery

Deliver large file downloads flawlessly, every time, at global scale.

Secure Internet Access

Safely connect users & devices to the internet with a secure web gateway.

Enterprise Application Access

Give your workforce fast, secure access with Zero Trust Network Access.

Kona Site Defender

Automate web application & API protection (WAAP) with unmatched intelligence.

Tài liệu

State of the Internet: You Can’t Solo Security

See what gamers and security professionals need to know about the state of security in the gaming industry, right now.

Forrester Wave: DDoS Mitigation Solutions Q1 2021

Forrester named Akamai a Leader, adding to recognition in bot management, WAF, and Zero Trust. In 1 year, 4 times a Leader.

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