While firewalls will continue to play a foundational role in perimeter protection

Guardicore Centra provides superior protection of internal data center and cloud infrastructure through a much simpler and more cost-effective approach.

Key Steps to Solve

How Akamai Guardicore Segmentation (formerly Guardicore Centra) helps you stop ransomware.


See all on-premises and cloud infrastructure through a single pane of glass.


Overlay business context and relationship mappings.


Use adaptive, software-based controls instead of infrastructure to segment.


Monitor activity and refine policies as the threat landscape evolves.

Firewalls can’t solve today’s most urgent security priorities.

After all, more than 80 percent of network traffic is inside the perimeter, and traditional firewalls are too burdensome and costly to deploy widely for internal segmentation.

Akamai Guardicore Segmentation replaces internal firewalls with a dynamic, software-based microsegmentation approach that gives security teams point-and-click control over segmentation policies across both data center and cloud environments.

Guardicore’s software-based approach gives security teams the agility and flexibility they need to mitigate the potentially devastating risks of ransomware attacks.


  • - Ineffective at stopping lateral movement
  • - Do little to stop ransomware propagation
  • - Course policies based on ports and IPs
  • - Costs escalate significantly as traffic grows

Guardicore Centra

  • - Enables precise management of communication flows
  • - Prevents attackers and ransomware from advancing beyond the initial point of breach
  • - Granular policy controls – down to individual processes and users
  • - Distributed enforcement approach that is decoupled from aggregate traffic volume

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