MongoDB is a document database that stores data as JSON documents to provide more flexibility for scaling and querying data based as an application evolves MongoDB is a solution for database requirements that stray away from relational data schemas This approach allows users to start creating documents without needing to first establish a document structure, which provides developers with more flexibility when updating their applications.


  • Scalability: It’s in the name: Mongo, short for “humongous,” is built to store large volumes of data
  • Search Flexibility: Supports graph search, geo-search, map-reduce queries, and text search
  • Flexible Data Options: More functionality for temporary tables to support complex processes or test new applications/features without needing to switch databases


  • Concurrent Multi-Location Data Write Operations: Updating a consistent field in several locations (e g a commonly used location) can cause lags in performance compared to a relational database
  • Query Formatting: MongoDB can have a steeper learning curve for developers who are familiar with other databases because queries are written with a JSON syntax, instead of SQL

Use Cases: Personalization Engines, Content Management, Games, IOT Applications