Enterprise Application Access

Give your workforce fast, secure access with Zero Trust Network Access.

Scale remote access. No more slow, clunky VPNs.

Adapt to sudden workforce changes

In a matter of minutes, you can set up new applications & users through a single portal.

Make smart decisions about access

Get real-time signals about the user, device & more from the most intelligent edge platform.

Reduce cost, complexity, and risk

Simplify with a cloud-delivered service — no virtual or physical appliances to maintain.

Zero Trust Network Access with unmatched threat intelligence

App-based access

Give the right users precise access to the right apps — not the entire network.

Multi-cloud flexibility

Control access to apps across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & your infrastructure via one secure portal.

Adaptive access controls

Get near real-time security signals and risk scores to automatically protect your apps.

Third-party access

Make M&A changes and contractor access easy without costly changes to the network or architecture.

ZTNA as a service

Eliminate operational costs and technical debt from maintaining VPNs and other appliances.

Identity & context-aware

Use multiple signals in real time: identification, device security, threat intelligence & more.

Tài liệu

A Blueprint for Zero Trust Architecture

Get in-depth guidance on scoping, configuring, deploying, and managing your Zero Trust framework.

Application Access Redefined: Managing the Modern Workforce

Explore the new challenges of making application access secure as the workforce and IT environment continue to change.

5 Must-Haves for Your Access Solution

Discover the 5 non-negotiables to look for in a comprehensive application access solution.

How to Implement Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in 6 Steps

Discover how to combine networking and security capabilities for better protection — without sacrificing performance.

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