Download Delivery

Deliver large file downloads flawlessly, every time, at global scale.

Delight eager audiences everywhere with faster downloads

Maximize download completions

Accelerate large (>100 MB) file downloads on the world’s most distributed edge platform.

Scale globally, on demand

Reach a massive global or regional audience without a costly build-out or complex setup.

Wow your audience

Deliver your games, software, and other file downloads flawlessly during major releases.

Deliver your content with reliable performance at scale

100% availability SLA

Serve content 100% of the time, aligning your brand with service predictability.

Cloud interconnect

Use a private connection between the edge and public cloud for cost-efficient data transfer.

Optimized performance

Optimizations like intelligent caching at the edge boost users’ download performance.

Support for edge compute

Enable development teams to take advantage of serverless compute capabilities at the edge.

Content protection

Secure content access with TLS options, token authentication, and enhanced proxy detection.

Visibility and reporting

Gain insights into key performance indicators, uncovering trends and user engagement levels.

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Software Delivery

Learn about the essential capabilities behind consistent, secure, and optimized software delivery.

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