Broadcast OTT and Direct-to-Consumer Media

Deliver high-quality video experiences to any size audience, anywhere.

Stream at scale anywhere, protect everywhere

Deliver superior quality video, globally

Keep flawless video experiences closer to users, on any device.

Protect your enterprise, content, and viewers

Protect assets at every stage with a Zero Trust approach to IP theft.

Deliver microservices reliably, at scale

Bring responsive, personalized experiences to users at the edge, in milliseconds.

Solutions for Over-the-Top Broadcasting & Direct-to-Consumer Media

Adaptive Media Delivery

Deliver consistent, high-quality online video securely at massive scale.

Bot Manager Premier

Stop the most dangerous, evasive bots before they erode customer trust.

API Acceleration

Optimize API performance and availability while enhancing user experiences.


Get an inside look at CDN performance with log data at scale.

Kona Site Defender

Automate web application & API protection (WAAP) with unmatched intelligence.

Edge Compute

Innovate in real time. With the world’s largest serverless compute platform, Akamai puts your code closer to your users.

Enterprise Application Access

Give your workforce fast, secure access with Zero Trust Network Access.

Tài liệu

Pirates in the Outfield

The latest State of the Internet report from Akamai reveals that the majority of consumers who illegally access digital content go directly to pirate sites.

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