Brand Protector

Stop brand impersonations before they start.

Prevent end-user harm and business losses

Akamai Brand Protector is a single solution that detects and mitigates targeted brand impersonation attacks including fake websites, phishing, malware, spoofing, and trademark piracy. Brand Protector is designed to simply and efficiently address the brand impersonation cybersecurity challenge with a four-step approach: intelligence, detection, visibility, and mitigation.

Trusted brand impersonation detection

Brand Protector is powered by the Akamai Connected Cloud, the largest global edge platform available. It collects proprietary multidimensional intelligence and data analysis models that detect fraudulent sites quickly and efficiently. Customer-specific traffic, detections, and threat data are distilled into actionable insights within the Akamai customer portal. Alert evidence is organized for you, and integrated takedown services are available to close the loop and combat brand fraud.

Quickly detect and disrupt brand impersonation attempts

Personalized visibility

Dedicated intel collection for your brand, products, and associated elements

Accuracy against scams

Speedy detection that often delivers alerts on the first visit while minimizing false positives

Resource friendly

Gain real-time insights and initiate remediation in just minutes a day with actionable data summaries

The State of Brand Impersonation

Brand impersonation is a growing problem for organizations. Explore the state of brand impersonation: the most-targeted verticals, the most active times and places, and financial impact.

Tính năng

  • Dedicated intel collection for your brand, products, and associated elements
  • Leading cybersecurity detections
  • Accuracy and speed
  • Actionable insights with risk scoring
  • Integrated takedown mitigation is executed and tracked

Câu hỏi thường gặp (FAQ)

Although a number of takedown requests are included in Akamai Brand Protector every month, it is not required to use them. You can use your own takedown methods and leverage the detection analysis and evidence Brand Protector provides.

Akamai Brand Protector solves this common frustration in two ways. First, due to our proprietary intelligence feed and heuristic analysis, Brand Protector provides faster time to detection and fewer false positives that lower the overall amount of alerts. Second, your team can view all detections in a single glance as they are scored by severity and provide an impact score to determine how many of your customers may be affected.


Brand Protector processes new data once an hour and updates all groups with the latest events, ensuring you can quickly act on any brand impersonation attempts.


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