What is Adaptive Media Delivery?

Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery is optimized for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming to provide a high-quality, secure viewing experience across the broad variety of network types — fixed or mobile — at varying connection speeds. Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, Adaptive Media Delivery provides superior scalability, reliability, availability, and reach.

The solution securely delivers prepared, pre-segmented HTTP-based live and on-demand streaming media, including support for the following video and music formats:

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)
  • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH)
  • Common Media Application Format (CMAF)


While Adaptive Media Delivery is both workflow- and origin storage-agnostic, Akamai’s complementary Media Services Live and NetStorage or Cloud Wrapper can be combined with Adaptive Media Delivery for an efficient, high-quality streaming media solution.

Highlighted Features

100% Availability SLA

Aligning your brand with service predictability amidst increasing consumer expectations, Adaptive Media Delivery will serve your content 100% of the time

Advanced Protocol Support

Leverage HTTP/3 and HTTP/2 for enhanced performance and security as well as IPV6 for traffic routing across the internet

Cloud Authentication

Deliver content from any origin through a cloud provider of your choice and ensure a secure connection

Content Protection

Govern access to content and protect revenue with token authentication, content targeting, encryption, watermarking, access revocation and enhanced proxy detection

Segment Prefetch

Optimizes video playback quality by utilizing origin assistance to pre-position anticipated video segment at the edge during playback

Standard TLS

Various options for TLS security including the new Standard TLS offering which provides HTTPS delivery over custom certs using SNI

Media Reports

Gain insight into key performance indicators and dimensions to uncover trends and engagement levels that will help your business

Edge IP Binding

Whitelist IP addresses to monitor traffic usage associated with zero-rated billing agreements


Maintain superior video quality, reliability, and reach

Reach global audiences, and align your brand with quality and service predictability

Optimize online video playback quality and performance

Deliver high quality video streaming experiences that keep audiences engaged, extend viewing times and support monetization

Content protection and secure communication

Protect revenues and safeguard communications

Scale rapidly for large audiences

Serve massive audiences reaching more than 60 Tbps, whether planned or unexpected.

Reach audiences on any device

With support for a wide range of standard video streaming protocols.

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