Secure Internet Access Enterprise

Safely connect users & devices to the internet with a secure web gateway.

“Secure Internet Access Enterprise has helped us to improve security for employees working remotely and has provided significant security benefits to our company.”

Akira Maeda, SRE Manager

Proactively protect against zero-day malware and phishing

Deploy in minutes, scale globally

Rely on your web security to be 100% available on the world’s largest edge platform.

Keep your users and devices safe

Protect with multilayered defense: real-time intelligence, detection engines, and more.

Reduce time-consuming security management

Too many false positives? Not anymore. Simplify security by eliminating security appliances.

DDoS Defense in a Hybrid Cloud World

All DDoS mitigation is not created equal. See how many cloud service providers fall short, and what to look out for.

Insights from up to 7 trillion daily DNS requests

Threat intelligence

Strengthen security with up-to-the-minute insights.

Payload analysis

Protect against zero-day attacks & complex threats with advanced malware detection engines.

Data loss prevention

Block or monitor content uploads that contain sensitive data such as PII, PCI DSS, or HIPAA data.

Application control

Identify and block unsanctioned applications based on risk score or limit application features.

Analysis and reporting

See real-time insights into all outbound traffic, threat events, and more — on one dashboard.

Acceptable use policy

Enforce your company policy. Make sure all employees comply by blocking certain domains.

A Blueprint for Zero Trust Architecture

Get in-depth guidance on scoping, configuring, deploying, and managing your Zero Trust framework.

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