Stop DDoS attacks with the fastest, most effective defense — at any scale.

Real-time DDoS protection and network cloud firewall

Akamai Prolexic is a cloud-based DDoS protection solution that defends your data center and hybrid infrastructure to ensure availability and uptime. It provides comprehensive port and protocol protection against the broadest range of DDoS attacks, including high-bandwidth sustained attacks and complex multi-vector attacks. Prolexic is available as an always-on or on-demand service, contains a Network Cloud Firewall, and offers flexible integration models based on your desired security posture across hybrid origins. Prolexic is backed by a proven platform with more than 20 Tbps of dedicated DDoS defense capacity and our 24/7/365 global SOCC for a fully managed solution.

How does it work?


Prolexic stops DDoS attacks closer to the source to maximize performance for users and to maintain network resiliency through cloud distribution. Instead of originating advertisements for your prefixes from your cloud/data centers, you’ll make either a border gateway protocol route advertisement change or DNS redirection (A record or CNAME record) to originate from one of many Akamai scrubbing centers globally. Your intended traffic is then routed to the user via Anycast through the closest scrubbing center. Prolexic will inspect the traffic to determine if it is good or bad, and apply proactive and/or custom mitigation controls designed to stop attacks instantly if needed. This ensures fast and accurate DDoS protection. Clean traffic is then returned to the customer origin via GRE tunnels, Layer 2 VLAN connections, and/or VIP-to-origin back-end mapping with little perceived latency. Prolexic also features a Network Cloud Firewall that allows IT teams to auto generate or manually manage access control lists.

Fight the biggest, baddest, bandwidth-busting assaults

Mitigate Risk with a Proven Platform

We’ve blocked some of the largest and most sophisticated attacks in history, for some of the world’s largest brands

Reduce Attack Surfaces Proactively

Stop attacks instantly through our zero-second SLA — now that’s fast

Strengthen Incident Response 24/7

Rely on our 225+ frontline SOCC defenders before, during, and after an attack

DDoS Defense in a Hybrid Cloud World

All DDoS mitigation is not created equal. See how many cloud service providers fall short, and what to look out for.


  • 200+ Tbps Akamai network capacity and Prolexic’s 36 Anycast global scrubbing centers with 20 Tbps of dedicated DDoS defense
  • Dynamic mitigation controls that scale capacity to stop attacks across IPv4 and IPv6 traffic flows
  • Flexible connectivity and integration options that protect hybrid origins
  • Define and manage access control lists and firewall rules with Prolexic Network Cloud Firewall
  • Unified security posture to apply DDoS mitigation policies consistently
  • Mitigation controls customized to your network traffic profiles to block attacks
  • Industry-leading zero-second mitigation
  • 100% platform availability SLA and other comprehensive SLAs
  • Continual product evolution

Malware protection module now available with App & API Protector

Malware protection scans files at the edge to prevent attackers from uploading malware to your systems.


4 Reasons Your Business Needs Zero Trust Architecture

As cyberthreats become more pervasive and sophisticated, the traditional approach to network security has given way to a new approach – Zero Trust. Under Zero Trust, everyone attempting to enter the network is assumed to be malicious until verified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Akamai has the industry’s largest DDoS platform with greatest geographic coverage across five continents with more than 20 scrubbing centers (and an ongoing expansion to more than 35).

All of Akamai’s scrubbing centers will provide DDoS protection for your traffic. Prolexic uses Anycast routing to mitigate attack traffic closest to the source while applying the collective capacity of the global platform to mitigate the largest attacks.

Prolexic is available as always-on or on-demand, so you can choose the best solution for your business. Always-on is our most popular solution, with all in-bound traffic routed through Prolexic. With on-demand, your traffic is only routed during an attack event by your network team. Akamai also offers a facilitated route-on service that can manage the solution for your team, if needed.

For the Prolexic Routed option, you need to have a /24 subnet mask, a router that can do generic routing encapsulation (GRE), and hardware. We also encourage all customers to set the maximum segment size of all packets to improve GRE tunnel stabilization. For customers with less than a routable IPv4 /24 and/or IPv6 /48, fragmented IP space, or cloud-hosting provider, the Prolexic IP Protect option provides the same level of DDoS protection via IP Anycast to route symmetric traffic through Akamai scrubbing centers.

With more than 225+ frontline responders across six global locations, the Prolexic fully managed service includes pre-, during, and post-mitigation attack review and analysis by our 24/7 SOCC to help optimize DDoS mitigation and incident response.

“With Akamai’s capacity and intelligence, we can mitigate attacks that sometimes exceed 400 gigabits per second and recover almost immediately.”

Arash Haghighi, Senior Manager of IT Infrastructure and Security

DDoS Protection Use Cases

Learn how Akamai’s DDoS protection assists with these specific needs

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