Power and protect life online

With more scale, capacity, reach, and visibility into what’s happening on the internet, Akamai Connected Cloud keeps applications and experiences closer to users — and threats farther away.

Akamai Connected Cloud

The world’s most distributed platform for cloud computing, security, and content delivery.







900+ Tbps

edge capacity




services experts

Techcity - Most Trusted Partner of Akamai in Vietnam

Core sites

A full set of cloud computing services designed for scale

Distributed sites

A new concept designed to deliver basic compute capabilities in difficult-to-reach locations

Edge sites

The world’s largest network edge platform and content delivery network

Cloud computing, security, and content delivery services everywhere your business connects online

Boost performance, speed innovation

Boost performance, speed innovation

A massively distributed edge and cloud platform so developers can build, run, and secure applications across a continuum of computing power

Outsmart the most sophisticated threats

Outsmart the most sophisticated threats

Unparalleled visibility and insight into global threats so you can proactively adapt your security posture

Bring apps and experiences to life

Bring apps and experiences to life

The world’s largest and most trusted content delivery network for delivering applications and streaming media closer to users and devices

Techcity - Most Trusted Partner of Akamai

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