Zero Trust is one of the hottest topics in security,

but bridging the gap between a compelling concept and practical real-world implementation is challenging.

Key Steps to Solve

How Akamai Guardicore Segmentation (formerly Guardicore Centra) helps you stop ransomware.


Identify your sensitive data using AI labels.


Map the flows of your sensitive data using inter-dependency maps.


Architect your zero-trust micro-perimeters using best of breed microsegmentation policies.


Monitor your zero-trust ecosystem through real-time monitoring and analysis.


Protect your network with built-in breach detection and mitigation controls.

There are many facets to a true Zero Trust architecture, so identifying a place to start can be the hardest part.

Akamai Guardicore Segmentation is a great fit for organizations that want to apply Zero Trust architecture principles to all of the communication flows within their trusted on-premises and cloud environments. The idea is to assume that compromised endpoints and data center and cloud infrastructure breaches are inevitable and use Zero Trust principles to prevent these incidents from escalating.

Of course, you can’t just flip a switch and lock down your endpoints and applications completely without disrupting your business, so Akamai offers a simple, phased approach.

Start by gaining detailed visibility into all of your IT assets – on-premises and in the cloud – and understanding how they communicate today. From there, you can design Zero Trust policies that will block all communication with the exception of flows that you explicitly allow.

Cogna Group Migrates Data Center in Two Weeks With Guardicore

When Cogna Group, a leader in the education industry in Brazil, made a strategic acquisition, the IT team faced an aggressive 30-day timeline for integrating the acquired company’s data center infrastructure. But bringing unfamiliar IT resources into their trusted infrastructure so quickly raised significant concerns for the security team. Since delaying the project wasn’t an option, the team applied Zero Trust segmentation concepts to migrate the acquired company’s IT resources in just two weeks while mitigating risk to their core infrastructure.

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