How Guardicore Can Help


See how Guardicore stops lateral movement in just a few clicks.


Navigate the path to micro-segmentation in three easy steps.

Zero Trust

Reduce risk to critical assets with a Zero Trust approach.

Firewall Alternative

Legacy firewalls are complex, inflexible and ineffective.

Why Guardicore?

Cyber attacks are more disruptive than ever.

This is why you need a bolder security strategy that reduces the effects of high-impact breaches, like ransomware. At Guardicore, our software-based segmentation reduces the effects of high-impact breaches, so you can create a more cyber resilient future.


Automatically visualize your entire data center environment


Map application dependencies and flows to identify security gaps


Create policies based on asset classification, including AI-powered templates


What Makes Guardicore the Best Segmentation Solution?

Broadest Coverage

Guardicore protects critical assets no matter where they are deployed or accessed. In the cloud, on-premises, virtual servers, bare metal, or containers.

Consistent Policy Enforcement

Guardicore enables the same level of granular, process-level rules across different operating environments like Windows and Linux.

Faster and Simpler Segmentation

Guardicore supports a flexible allowlist/denylist model for fast risk reduction with a few rules. Others force you into a complex allowlist only model.

No Changes, No Downtime

Guardicore’s software-based approach to segmentation gets you faster results with no changes to networks, applications and no downtime.

More Legacy System Support

Guardicore supports more legacy operating systems, such as Windows 2003, CentOS 6, and RHEL5, and AS400.

Comprehensive Breach Detection

Guardicore provides multiple breach detection capabilities, including reputation analysis, dynamic deception, and threat intelligence firewall.

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