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Platform Strength

Media delivery customers need a robust platform that is as reliable as it is resilient. Akamai offers massive scale and unparalleled performance, coupled with the capacity to deliver the largest media events, game releases, and software updates to millions of viewers — concurrently. We place your content one network hop away from more than 90% of the world’s Internet users so you can deliver experiences with consistency, quality, and security across multiple connections, any time of day.


Count on Akamai to help you better understand and solve challenges as they arise. Our experts are members of standards boards who collaborate and innovate on a wide variety of global issues that affect media businesses. From flawless delivery with near-zero latency to safeguarding content, Akamai will optimize performance, reduce costs, and ensure secure, quality experiences at scale.

Customer Focus

Gain the agility needed to easily deploy changes, reduce time to market, and ensure quality and reliability with next-generation tools and APIs. Akamai gives our media delivery customers access to tools, tech, and services including 24/7/365 globally distributed monitoring and a team of 1,900 experts to help identify and resolve issues before they meet your end users.

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Platform Strength | Innovation

Consistently Deliver Exceptional Experiences at Scale

Akamai understands the challenges that come with delivering OTT sports, news, video, games, software updates, social media, and entertainment on a global level. You need solutions that are fast, scalable, and seamless.